The Best Bars for Beer in Houston, TX

The Best Bars for Beer in Houston, TX

Visiting Houston or moving to the local area provides an opportunity to try out some of the amazing bars. As a big city environment, you have plenty of bars to choose from for your favorite beer. The key is recognizing the best options throughout the Houston area to plan out the perfect urban getaway.

1. Bovine and Barley

What: A mix of meat and 42 selected taps that fits well with the industrial style of the bar.

Where: 416 Main Street, Houston, TX
Bovine and Barley is the place to enjoy something of a local flare while still maintaining a cool and interesting environment. The bar features an industrial style that gives it an urban appeal while still serving a variety of Texas-style foods and beers. Choose from the 42 beer options, including local brews, and eat an excellent burger, chicken or unique bologna croissant sandwich topped with queso. It gives you a bit of fun with a touch of local style.


2. The Hay Merchant

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What: The perfect place for a connoisseur of craft beers in the Houston area.

Where: 1100 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX
Want to try something new and exciting? Planning to try out a local brew during your vacation? The Hay Merchant is the perfect space to try out something new and enjoy some of the local brews. The bar features 80 taps and 5 casks, so you have more than enough options to find the brew that fits your taste and preferences. It also has an interesting local style that sets it apart as a fun place for your night on the town.


3. Axelrad Beer Garden

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What: A hip and relaxing atmosphere with a budget-friendly local draft.

Where: 1517 Alabama St, Houston, TX
Picture a bar that features hammocks, food trucks and all of the pizzas you imagine when planning a beer and pizza night with friends. You don’t need to imagine far because the Axelrad Beer Garden provides the perfect place to relax and try out something new and exciting. The beer is only $3 for a variety of interesting local brews. The food trucks and the next-door pizza place that delivers to the bar gives you a chance to plan an exciting time with friends without breaking a strict budget.


4. Petrol Station

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What: A gas station that lets you fill up with pints or by the growler when you want to share.

Where: 985 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX
Petrol Station is the place to visit if you want genuine craft beer without the frills of a fancy bar. The bar was originally a gas station and was converted into the bar with a patio for locals to enjoy craft beers. It is one of the first craft beer bars in the Houston area, so it provides a touch of history with the simple design and style of the bar.


5. Wooster’s Garden

What: A place where modern style meets classic craft beers.

Where: 3315 Milam St, Houston, TX
Wooster’s Garden is the perfect bar when you want to enjoy a place with modern style and appeal. It has 49 on-tap brews with a variety of different tastes to meet any preference. Whether you want a hoppy beer or you plan to enjoy something dark and bitter, you can find something on tap at Wooster’s Garden. Add to the appeal of the garden with unique and fun cocktails that make it a great place to invite friends who may not want to drink a local craft beer.


6. Cottonwood

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What: A bar that features live music and a lively atmosphere for a night of fun and happiness.

Where: 3422 N Shepherd Dr
Do you want to hear live music? Are you looking for a night of fun and happiness in an outdoor or indoor setting? Cottonwood has something for everyone with the amazing live music and the sprawling patio. Combine the aesthetic appeal of the bar with the great food and 42 tap beers, and you have the perfect setting for a night with friends or family.


7. Moon Tower Inn

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What: The rustic bar with specialty wild game and rare beers.

Where: 3004 Canal St, Houston, TX
When you think of Houston, Texas, you may imagine a rustic environment that reminds you of the old west. While many bars appeal to a wide array of individuals, Moon Tower Inn gives you a peek at the charm you imagine when thinking of a western movie. It has rustic appeal, burgers made with wild game and hot dogs that will make your mouth water.


8. Karbach Brewing

What: A sleek modern brewery with a beer garden, tasting room and restaurant that lets you enjoy a German-style brew.

Where: 2032 Karbach St, Houston, TX
When you love a great German-style brew, you will enjoy the options available at Karbach Brewing. The sleek and modern design of the brewery makes it an appealing space for locals and visitors. Since it has a restaurant with an eclectic selection of food options and a beer garden with a variety of interesting brews, you can enjoy spending your time learning about local brews and your options. It also offers event spaces when you want to plan a party or special event.


9. Liberty Kitchen

What: Vintage style meets glamorous details for an interesting bar experience.

Where: 1050 Studewood St, Houston, TX
Liberty Kitchen is the place to visit when you want a touch of vintage charm without giving up on the comfort of cushy booths and seating arrangements. Enjoy the long marble bar that allows you to place an order or the comfortable booths that let you keep up a conversation with friends or family. The bar has a variety of food options and gives you the opportunity to keep to a strict budget with $3 brews on Tuesdays.


10. Mongoose Vs. Cobra

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What: The place to try out a beer flight and enjoy a variety of tastes and brews.

Where: 1011 McGowen St, Houston, TX
If you enjoy beer tastings and you want to try out a variety of options, then Mongoose Vs. Cobra is the place to enjoy a night out in Houston. The bar features 40 craft beers on tap that rotate. You can try out small portions of different beers until you find the one that fits your preferences for the evening. You can also enjoy a pretzel that is larger than your head with your brew.


11. Beer Market Company

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What: A sports bar with the largest selection of beers in the city.

Where: 920 Studemont St #900, Houston, TX
Beer Market Company is the place to visit when you want to keep up with a big game or you prefer to try out beers from around the world. The bar has 365 brews from around the world, so you can find the perfect option for your evening. It also has 30 big-screen televisions to show sports.

Houston has a variety of interesting places to try out new beers and enjoy a night on the town. The challenge is choosing between the options to find the place that fits your preferences and style when cruising through the city or moving to a new area.

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