A Guide to the Best Bloody Marys in NYC

A Guide to the Best Bloody Marys in NYC

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Looking for the perfect hangover cure? Or a productive way to spend your weekend? If your idea of “productive” is merely getting yourself out of bed before noon to go drink away last night’s mistakes, we’ve got you covered. Find New York’s best tasting and most creative Bloody Marys right here. After all, it’s not Brunch without a Bloody.


1. Chalk Point Kitchen

527 Broome St


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Cover all of your food groups with the “Bloody Marty McFly” from this popular brunch digs. Made with their own mix, this cocktail is packed with flavor and topped with goodies–including jalapeño, shrimp, blue cheese stuffed olives, and a crispy bacon strip. Stir it all together with a celery stick and you might not even need an entrée. Looking for something a little more classic? Order the Bloody Maria for a more traditional drink (with a jalapeño slice and queso fresco topping for a flavorful twist).


2. Jacob’s Pickles

509 Amsterdam Ave

Upper West Side

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This Bloody Mary should really be called “Brunch-in-a-Cup”. Jacob’s Bloody B.L.T. comes in a mason jar and is garnished with a large leaf of romaine lettuce and topped off with a piece of bacon and a jalapeño pickled egg. I repeat – BACON. EGG. BLOODY. And pickles to be ordered on the side, of course. What else does one need in life?


3. Lobster Joint

1073 Manhattan Ave

Green Point

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Even though summer is over, we don’t have to stop eating lobster. And we won’t stop eating lobster, especially because the Lobster Claw Bloody Mary exists year-round at Lobster Joint. Kick start your morning with this nautical concoction, which features a big chunk of lobster meat along with a pickle spear and green olives. Trying to hold onto summer just a little bit longer? Head to the Rockaway Beach location to slurp near the salt water.


4. Cookshop

156 Tenth Ave


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For the extremely picky friend (you know who you are), Cookshop is the place for you. With six specialty Bloodys to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a flavor that suits you. In the mood for a Mexican twist? Go for the Oaxaca Mary, which features Mezcal, cilantro and lime in a salt-rimmed glass. For the bacon lover, the BLT Mary is for you – it’s made with bacon infused vodka (!!!) and topped off with a crisp piece of bacon. Still can’t decide? Try all six. Because why not.


5. Joseph Leonard

170 Waverly Place

Greenwich Village

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Don’t let the name fool you – the Bloody Caesar from Joseph Leonard is the farthest thing you can get from a salad. Made with deep-fried and bacon-wrapped brussels sprouts and topped with an oyster, this decadent drink will have you coming back every weekend for more. Not your thing? Order a Bloody Mary no. 20, a spin on the classic and accompanied with a shot of beer. The more alc, the better!


6. The Growler

55 Stone Street

Financial District

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Featuring “The Unlimited Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar”, where you get a glass of vodka and then are left to let the creative juices flow (literally). Choose your flavor of mix and then garnish it with whatever feels right. This is the DIY project we’ve all been waiting for – the one that you can’t mess up.


7. Maison Premiere

298 Bedford Ave


Official Website

Celebrate Mardi Gras every weekend with a Bloody Mary from Maison Premiere. A New Orleans take on the classic, this Bloody Mary has all the flavor you expect with a surprising dash of Creole spices that set it apart from the rest. To make it even better, this French concoction is topped with an oyster and a shrimp. Party on.






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