The Best Bars for Drinks in Flatiron

The Best Bars for Drinks in Flatiron

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New York City’s Flatiron District is a hub of activity. The neighborhood is home to many businesses — big and small, within many industries and verticals — as well as a bevy of restaurants and bars to keep everyone entertained throughout the week.

With so much activity it’s easy to get lost or stuck going to the same places over and over. Whether you belong to the after work crowd or are an interested tourist we hope this list of recommended bars helps you find your next drink as you venture into Flatiron.

1. Turnmill

What: A bar for the late night crowd that wants a well-crafted drink without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Where: 119 East 27th Street, New York, New York
The Turnmill is known for its eclectic cocktails and fresh, cold beers. Popular menu items at this bar include its burgers, wings and chips, salsa and guacamole. Many locals come for the food/drinks and stay for the Friday and Saturday night DJs.

The bar even has a private party room for rental, equipped with a fireplace and an AV system. Hardly ever packed, this is the place to unwind at night after a hectic day at work. Official Website


2. The Cellar

What: A unique bar with a working cheese cellar.

Where: 900 Broadway, New York, New York
The Cellar is a bar like no other. Its extensive menu of cleverly named cocktails, as well as wines and beers, are what put it on the map. The small plates served are perfect for a quick bite to eat and the signature cocktails perfectly complement the food.

Housed in an old building, many of the bar’s drinks are named for the era during which the building was constructed. Many of the cocktails have old fashioned names that reference something significant in history. Official Website


3. The NoMad Bar

What: An upscale bar in The NoMad Hotel, its 24-foot mahogany bar is a sight to see. The two-story bar is a neighborhood hotspot and is often crowded, despite its large size.

Where: 1170 Broadway, New York, New York
The NoMad Bar, located in its namesake hotel, is where the elite gather for a sophisticated cocktail and a relaxing experience. The bar is dimly lit with comfortable couches scattered around the floor. Not the typical noisy, rowdy bar, this one is a great way to quietly escape the world. Official Website


4. Harding’s

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What: A patriotic bar that stands for American pride, the crown jewel of Flatiron celebrates Americana.

Where: 32 East 21st Street, New York, New York
Harding’s is a unique bar in that it oozes American pride. On the bar’s brick wall an American flag dating back 117 years is always on display. Embedded in those same brick walls are bullets from the Civil War. In addition to the American themed décor, many of the bar’s signature cocktails have a U.S. inspired name, including Continental and The Eisenhower. Its beverage program is 100% based on beer, wine and liquor made in America and shipped within the 50 states. It’s a must see for any foreign tourist that wants to get a taste of what America is like. Official Website


5. The Old Town Bar & Restaurant

What: A typical neighborhood bar that provides a respite from the fast paced life in the city.

Where: 45 East 18th Street, New York, New York
The Old Town Bar & Restaurant has been around since 1892 and still looks like a classic American bar. It is one of the few bars in the city that has a working dumbwaiter, which is the oldest dumbwaiter in the entire city. It serves to quickly transport food between the upstairs kitchen and the bar. With an impressive menu and wide selection of beers, Old Town is popular with tourists and locals flocking to the bar for its reasonable prices and relaxing atmosphere. Official Website


6. The Raines Law Room

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What: As one of the most unique bars in New York City, this is one that tourists often make it a point to visit. Locals know that this bar is the best place for a discrete drink.

Where: 48 West 17th Street, New York, New York
The Raines Law Room is one of the few NYC bars where patrons are greeted by a host, after they ring a doorbell to gain entry. The host then seats them in this 1920’s style speakeasy type bar. Its lack of windows and plush couches make the bar feel more like a safe haven. Tables are private, as curtains hang around each one. Patrons ring the bell on their table to get their server’s attention. Official Website


7. La Birreria

What: This rooftop bar in an authentic Italian marketplace is a well-known microbrewery. Its drink and food menus include and eclectic choice of dishes served with a cold drink.

Where: 200 5th Avenue, New York, New York
La Birreria is the place to eat, drink and enjoy the view. From the bar it is easy to clearly see the neighborhood of Flatiron and even the Empire State Building, making it a perfect choice for tourists. The bar’s food menu consists of German and Austrian dishes. Despite its location as a rooftop bar it is open all year long thanks to outdoor heaters and a retractable roof. Official Website


8. Belgian Beer Café

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What: The best place in the Flatiron District to try a wide variety of Belgian beers not found at other bars.

Where: 220 5th Avenue, New York, New York
Belgian Beer Café is a two story paradise for beer lovers. Even the dishes on the menu are Belgian inspired. The bar is located next to Eataly with views of Madison Sq Park and positions itself in a large dining area perfect for big groups. Official Website


9. Flatiron Hall

What: A bar that resembles Victorian style is unusual in New York City. This one is named for the Student Art League of New York.

Where: 38 West 26th Street, New York, New York
Flatiron Hall is a popular beer hall for the sophisticated drinker. With 12 beers on tap and dishes on the menu that pair well with them, Flatiron Hall is worth spending money at. They host weekly trivia nights every Monday with one rule, “No smart phones!”. Official Website




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