The Best Bars for Drinks in Chelsea

The Best Bars for Drinks in Chelsea

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Chelsea was once an industrial haven harboring lumberyards, breweries and factories decorated in historic buildings that now give this neighborhood its charm and appeal. Nowadays, Chelsea is known as Manhattan’s art district where it showcases over 200 art galleries and installations including the The High Line—a park built on an abandoned elevated railroad track.

These installations create a unique environment for bars, restaurants and forms of live entertainment to take it one-step further to bring you that true New York creative and energetic feel. In this article, we list a few bars we suggest checking out if you want to experience Chelsea to its fullest.

1. Porchlight

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What: A neighborhood bar nestled in the heart of Chelsea it’s a hotspot for large groups. The inside of the bar is spacious and well decorated.

Where: 271 Eleventh Avenue, New York, New York
Porchlight is known for its selection of beer and wines as well as its unique ideas about bar food. This includes snacks and desserts like warm bourbon bar nuts and sugar & spice popcorn. On Monday nights a large crowd gathers for live musical performances from local bands. The bar never charges a cover for music night and genres range from country, jazz and blues. However, they are one of the few bars in the neighborhood that is closed on Sundays. Official Website


2. The Half King

The Half King

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What: A journalists-run Irish pub targeted towards those in the film and publishing industries.

Where: 505 West 23rd Street, New York, New York
The Half King is a unique bar that perfectly fits the culture of Chelsea. It’s a hotspot for locals, especially those that are looking to network with filmmakers and publishers. When the weather is warm but not hot, bar patrons can drink comfortably at the café tables or garden. While beer is served The Half King is mainly known for its signature cocktails. The bar’s interior is made to make patrons feel like they’re at home. It boasts tables and chairs constructed with 200 year-old lumber, giving the whole bar a rustic feel. Official Website


3. The Tippler

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What: A bar frequented by those who work at the Chelsea Market, it is extremely popular among the after-work crowd. It’s four unique vodka drinks put this bar on the map.

Where: 425 West 15th Street, New York, New York
The Tippler is a trendy cocktail bar that shows off New York City’s history. The décor replicates a vintage library and uses antique fixtures repurposed for the bar. Train rails and water tower wood from High Line are important parts of the décor. The bar holds up to 250 people at once and is generally standing room only on weekend nights. Official Website


4. Gallow Green

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What: A rooftop bar at The McKittrick Hotel, its quirky enough to stand out from all of Chelsea’s other bars. The signature drink is the bar’s take on alcohol infused punch.

Where: 542 West 27th Street, New York, New York
Gallow Green may be one of the most unique bars in the city. Its cocktails draw in refined drinkers and its location gives patrons a clear view of the West Side of town after dark. A visit to the bar in the evening brings out the all-year-long Christmas lights and actors starring in Sleep No More, an interactive theater show that takes place in the hotel’s auditorium. Romantics at heart consider it a perfect date spot. Official Website


5. Sid Gold’s Request Room

What: An upscale piano bar known for its cocktails, there are two separate rooms to drink in. Both rooms contain piano playing entertainers that can perform rock, pop and punk rock songs.

Where: 165 West 26th Street, New York, New York
Sid Gold’s Request room is not the typical piano bar. Classical music isn’t heard much at this establishment and patrons are encouraged to make song requests of the piano player. They can even sing along to their requested song, as the Request Room is hybrid of a piano and karaoke bar. While cocktails and wine are generally the drinks of choice, patrons can choose from a limited selection of bottled, canned and draft beer. Official Website


6. Westside Tavern

Westside Tavern

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What: A hotspot for celebrities in New York City, this bar has billed itself as Chelsea’s favorite drinking establishment. The regular crowd is packed with locals who’ve grown accustomed to rubbing elbows with celebrities.

Where: 360 West 23rd Street, New York, New York
Westside Tavern is known for its all day happy hour, ending at 7pm nightly. Though the bar does not serve food local caterers and restaurants are welcome to send their food there. With a pool table and fully loaded digital jukebox, Westside Tavern is packed more often that it isn’t. Official Website


7. The Drunken Horse

What: A classy wine bar, its location in Chelsea makes it a hotspot for tourists. Its proximity to the neighborhood’s art galleries brings creative types to the establishment.

Where: 225 10th Avenue, New York, New York
The Drunken Horse is a cozy place to grab a fresh drink. Wine and cocktails are the bar’s main focus but they serve a few quality beers too. The menu choices range from light appetizers to gourmet cheeses and entrée dishes. While the place is by no means the typical NYC bar, it provides a quiet respite from the fast paced world patrons leave behind when they walk in for a drink. Official Website


8. Pioneer’s Bar & Lounge

What: Billed as “Chelsea’s Best Bar For Birthdays,” it is one of the newer establishments of its kind in the neighborhood. When patrons rent the bar for a birthday party, the guest of honor can eat and drink for free.

Where: 138 West 29th Street, New York, New York
Pioneer’s Bar & Lounge boasts 20 beers on tap, which change according to the season. There is also a fully stocked liquor bar with an emphasis on scotch and bourbon. The place is generally packed on Monday nights during football season and from 6pm to 12am any night, patrons can play the bar’s video games for free. Other entertainment options include pool tables and oversized Jenga and Connect Four games. Official Website


9. Smithfield Hall

What: A bar for sports lovers, it draws a large crowd in with its beers and spirits on the menu. Its 70 foot long bar was constructed using wood from an old Chelsea warehouse.

Where: 138 West 25th Street, New York, New York
Smithfield Hall is a sports fan’s dream come true. Locally grown ingredients are always used in the bar’s lunch and dinner dishes. The wide selection of drinks includes draft, bottled and canned beers as well as whiskey, bourbons and specialty cocktails. Official Website


10. Sons & Daughters

What: Known for its twice daily (during the week) happy hours and its weekend brunches, this bar is under the High Line, nestled neatly between the Meatpacking District and Chelsea.

Where: 85 Tenth Avenue, New York, New York
Sons & Daughters serves cocktails inspired by the hustle and bustle of the city. This bar speaks to locals because it represents everything people love about New York. Its selection of beer, wine and cocktails can’t be beat. Official Website


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