The Best Bars for Drinks in TriBeCa

The Best Bars for Drinks in TriBeCa

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Lower Manhattan’s Tribeca is quickly becoming Manhattan’s most desired neighborhood due to its influence in the film and events industry. Best known for its yearly film festival (TriBeCa Film Festival), its prime shopping, dining and central location within the lower Manhattan communities–this makes it a must-visit for anyone traveling through the city. Aside from its influence in film and its prime apartment living for young creatives it has its fair share of bars worth having a drink in too. Below is a list of bars we recommend checking out if you’re in the area.

1. Brandy Library

What: A unique bar with 100 cocktails on the menu and a collection of the world’s best Brandy, it’s meant to feel like a library that serves booze.

Where: 25 North Moore Street, New York, New York
Brandy Library is the place to go for a selection of Japanese whiskey and rare Cognacs most other bars don’t stock. One of the most unique aspects of this bar is that it offers free classes to the public. Everyone from casual drinkers to Connoisseurs can benefit from classes covering all things alcohol. Official Website


2. Tribeca Tavern

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What: A staple in Tribeca, it takes up an entire block on the streets of New York. With two lounges, one with plants and windows, the other one more closed in there is plenty of room for bar patrons to enjoy a refreshing drink and a great meal. The place is known as one of the few pizza bars in TriBeCa.

Where: 247 West Broadway, New York, New York
Tribeca Tavern boasts a selection of 18 beers on tap and 75 bottled beers. With many choices in Single malts and wine, the bar attracts a regular crowd made up of locals and tourists. Menu items include thin-crust pizza for one and huge, juicy burgers. The bar’s pool table attracts a large after-work crowd. Official Website


3. Macao Trading Co.

What: A Chinese inspired bar, it is known for its extensive cocktail menu. Drinkers flock to the bar because cocktails are made strong and pair well with the available choices in food.

Where: 311 Church Street, New York, New York
Macao Trading Co. is a high end bar with a cozy interior that includes a catwalk balcony and rotating fans on the ceiling. A separate lounge boasts a Chinese erotica décor. Both Portuguese and Chinese dishes make up the food menu. Official Website


4. Mudville 9

What: A family owned bar in Tribeca since the 1970s, it specializes in beer and American cuisine. The daily weekday happy hour from 3-6pm attracts a huge after work crowd.

Where: 126 Chambers Street, New York, New York
Mudville 9 is a tap house known for having more than 150 craft beers on their drinks menu along with an extensive list of bottled beers. Every week they switch up their tap beers, making it a hotspot with locals. The bar even sells growlers of their tap beers for patrons to take home. Happy hour boasts its own food menu and the bar also has a pre-fix menu. Though they have an adequate food menu they are best known for their selection of chicken wings. Its Wing Ding special lets patrons pay a fixed price for as many wings and fries as they can eat in two hours. Beers are also included in the Wing Ding special.


5. Terroir Tribeca

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What: A wine bar with two locations outside of Tribeca, it is one of the few places in the city that serves their wine through a tap. With a 30 page long wine menu, locals can go there regularly and get a different drink every time.

Where: 24 Harrison Street, New York, New York
Terroir Tribeca attracts young, hip locals who come in for a fresh glass of wine and small plate of snacks that pair perfectly with the wine. Unlike some wine bars, this one has a daily happy hour where all glasses are half price. Official Website


6. Manhattan Proper

What: Not a typical sports bar, it takes watching the game to a whole new level of comfort and style. With a bar and separate dining room, its capacity is large enough to accommodate a huge crowd of locals and tourists.

Where: 6 Murray Street, New York, New York
Manhattan Proper is one of the few upscale sports bars in the city. Its black and white décor lends to it an air of sophistication not often seen in sports bars. The only colorful spots in the bar are its many big screen TVs where locals gather to watch major league sports games. Open for lunch and dinner, weekends also bring a brunch session which includes appropriate cocktails. Official Website


7. Smith and Mills

What: One of the quaintest bars in New York City, repurposed wood makes up the bar that patrons sit at to soak in the atmosphere. The building housing the bar was formerly used as a carriage house.

Where: 71 North Moore Street, New York, New York
Smith and Mills is an upscale establishment serving high end cocktails and small plates of food. Every day the bar serves brunch, lunch and dinner. It also attracts a late night crowd that wants to end their day with a fresh drink and some quick bites. Official Website


8. Tiny’s And The Bar Upstairs

What: A cozy bar located in a townhouse with three stories, its historical décor makes it a great place for tourists to visit. Each room has wood paneling and tin ceilings.

Where: 135 West Broadway, New York, New York
Tiny’s And The Bar Upstairs is as unique as its name. It has two bars, one on the bottom floor and one above it. With bar tops made of marble, it is a charming place for a drink. The wide selection of cocktails, wine and beer pairs well with the lunch and dinner menu choices. Brunch, and a special Sunday night menu, round out this eclectic bar’s offerings. Official Website


9. Anotheroom

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What: A wine bar that mainly attracts an after-work crowd, its upscale décor includes steel brushed furniture and a slate-topped bar. A chalkboard lists the bar’s drink menu.

Where: 249 West Broadway, New York, New York
Anotheroom is the sister bar of the city’s The Room and Otheroom. The drink menu includes seasonal and domestic beers as well as Eurobrews. Its velvet covered benches make it a relaxing place for a beer or wine.


10. Nancy Whiskey Pub

What: One of the few dive bars in Tribeca, it has been serving the city’s residents and tourists drinks for decades. Its shuffleboard game is a unique attraction of the bar.

Where: 1 Lispenard Street at West Broadway, New York, New York
Nancy Whiskey Pub mainly attracts the after-work crowd, though the bar opens for business at 9am. Though happy hour is only Monday through Thursday the bar can get rather crowded on the weekends too. Official Website




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