The Best Bars for Drinks in Williamsburg

The Best Bars for Drinks in Williamsburg

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As one of Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhoods, Williamsburg offers the best of the best when it comes to local bars. Each one gives visitors a sense of what makes the locals tick. We’ve outlined a few of the best bars in Williamsburg below to help you enjoy your next night out in Wb.

1. Skinny Dennis

CC & The Boys tonight! 10PM

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What: A country music bar known for its 18 tap beers and frozen coffee cocktail

Where: 152 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
Skinny Dennis is the place to be for live music four nights a week. It is an icon of the community that puts talented, local bands in the spotlight. People come as much for the drinks as for the music.

The bar is named after the late country singer Dennis Sanchez, whose nickname was Skinny Dennis. Though he passed away in 1975 the bar keeps his memory alive. Official Website


2. Battery Harris

What: A neighborhood bar and restaurant known for its Mexican and Caribbean inspired drinks.

Where: 64 Frost Street, Brooklyn, New York
Battery Harris boasts a fun seaside theme and a wraparound deck, making it a great place to spend a warm summer night.

It’s a hot spot for large groups, as patrons flock to the bar for its tap wines and beers. Official Website


3. Maison Premiere

What: A bar with a French Quarter décor and ambience known for its anise-flavored cocktails and its selection of specialty oysters.

Where: 298 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
Maison Premiere is the home of oysters – in fact, you’ll have your pick of over 30 varieties.

One of the big attractions of this bar is its functional replica of the famous Absinthe Fountain. The original fountain stood in New Orleans’ Olde Absinthe House. Esquire Magazine even voted Maison Premiere as one of America’s best bars. Official Website


4. Baby’s All Right

What: A casual neighborhood bar where locals party and listen to live music. It’s popular for its weekend brunch.

Where: 146 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York
Baby’s All Right features cocktails with a unique twist. Find live music nearly every night of the week with special guests and events.

This BAR is a good step away from reality where you’ll find yourself discovering new music, drinks and friends. Baby’s All Right has a spectacular brunch menu as well that draws a crowd from all over the city – try their dollar tacos 🌮 Official Website


5. Union Pool

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What: A neighborhood bar where locals go in large groups. Known for its nightly events, it’s a hot spot on the weekends.

Where: 484 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
Set in a renovated pool supply store, Union Pool has the free space needed to create very unique atmosphere.

It features a bar in the front and taco trucks in the backyard – the outdoor area has a bar and enough outdoor seating for any group. There is always something going on. It’s a great place for locals to relax with a beer and some tacos. Official Website


6. Spuyten Duyvil

What: A bar for the beer snob in everyone. With a wide selection of beers not found at other bars, it stands out from the competition.

Where: 359 Metropolitan, Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
Spuyten Duyvil is truly a beer drinker’s paradise. It frequently serves as a hang-out spot when waiting for a table at St. Anselm, the restaurant next door (they’ll even let you take your drink with you). This bar serves up a variety of rare Belgian beers, plus cheese & meat plates.

Its back patio is the perfect place to drink a cold beer on a steamy summer night. Official Website


7. Richlane

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What: A laid back bar that’s popular but rarely crowded. The bar’s vibe is typical of the lifestyle in Williamsburg

Where: 595 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
Richlane is a bar with great drinks and great tunes. Its ambience is conducive to having a conversation and it provides a cozy respite from the outdoor world.

People flock to the bar for its cocktails, served in Weck Jars. Some of the unusual ingredients used in the cocktails include almond syrup and dried rose petals. This is a great location for people watching. Google Maps


8. Rocka Rolla

What: A dive bar without the stigma most dive bars have for being seedy. Its known among locals for its giant goblets of beer.

Where: 486 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York
For fans of Skinny Dennis, Rocka Rolla is an extension of the bar, minus the country music. Affordable craft beers often get locals through the door.

The bar also serves Skinny Dennis’s signature drinks of Uncle Willie’s Frozen Coffee. Its back patio features the always popular Endless Summer Taco Truck converted to an outdoor grill. Bratwurst and sliders are the grub of choice at this bar. Google Maps


9. Post Office

What: Small but cozy Williamsburg bar was named after a novel by Charles Bukowski.

Where: 188 Havermyer Street, Brooklyn, New York
Post Office is a great bar for whiskey lovers and anyone looking to escape the pretentious feel of certain New York City bars. It has a vintage feel to it thanks to its unique décor. Since this bar is so small, on a packed night there won’t be more than 40 people there.

Its low key atmosphere is perfect for relaxing over a refreshing drink and dining on some excellent food. Google Maps


10. Trophy Bar

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What: Found at the edge of the town, Trophy boasts its “best burger in NYC” and its own unique tequila shot.

Where: 351 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York
Classic cocktails as well as the bar’s signature cocktails keep people coming in for more. While the bar serves a great selection of well made food all year long the summer season brings the arrival of food trucks like Lonestar Empire and Asia Dog.

The almost nightly live music attracts people as much as the drinks do and almost any genre goes at Trophy. More often than not, a DJ can be found on the premises. Official Website


11. OTB

What: A sports betting themed bar that features a late night menu for when the drinking munchies rear their ugly heads.

Where: 141 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York
As the Post Office’s sister bar, OTB offers a unique environment and an amazing lineup of cocktails.

There are fewer beer choices, but for an evening/late night, it’s a great place to enjoy a cocktail or a leisurely glass of wine. Official Website


12. St. Mazie

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What: Though it’s in Williamsburg, stepping into this bar it feels like it’s in New Orleans in the 1960s.

Where: 345 Grand Street, Brooklyn, New York
With amazing cocktails and fresh oysters, St. Mazie is a breath of fresh air compared to other bars in the area.

You’ll find live music on most nights with with an indoor and outdoor areas that are very welcoming. Flamenco Fridays only adds to the charm and appeal. Official Website




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