The Coziest Bars to Stay Warm in This Winter

The Coziest Bars to Stay Warm in This Winter

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So the temperature is finally dropping below 30 degrees and all you want is to be inside, snuggled up with a glass of wine in your too-small NYC apartment. We’re here to tell you that that’s lame. The weather should NOT interfere with your social life, and to help you maintain your friendships we put together a list of bars where you can both drink AND be cozy. You can thank us later.


East Village

197 2nd Ave

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Shoolbred’s is the type of place that transports you back in time as soon as you step in the door—its dark, woody interior is a welcome change to some of the less classic bars in the area. Cozy up next to the crackling fireplace in a massive leather armchair and sit for hours enjoying the bar’s unbeatable happy hour specials – 2 for 1 beers til 8 pm.

Art Bar

West Village

52 8th Ave

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While your first impression of Art Bar may be that it’s kind of divey, with large booths and a long, dimly lit bar, you would be correct. But if you keep walking to the back, past the bar and through the small, unassuming doorway, you will stumble upon an entirely different place. The back room is utterly charming, with a small fireplace, an eclectic assortment of antique couches, and small candles scattered throughout the room. Come here with friends or for date night – it is the perfect place to have an actual conversation with people (what a concept!).

The Writing Room

Upper East Side

1703 2nd Ave

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With one wall completely covered in books of all shapes and sizes, The Writing Room is truly where the library meets Manhattan. This venue has an upscale vibe while remaining homey with exposed brick and, of course, a fireplace. Come here on a chilly evening or for weekend brunch – that is, if you’re brave enough to get out of bed in subzero conditions.

Brandy Library


25 N Moore St

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What better drink to keep you warm than a glass of dark, rich brandy? The Brandy Library has an extensive menu of brown liquor that will be sure to leave you warm inside and out. With little light besides the backlit shelves that illuminate hundreds of bottles on display, this is a great place to escape the whipping Manhattan wind.

Black Mountain Wine House

Park Slope

415 Union St

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Craving a cozy, farmhouse feel but can’t find a way to travel upstate? Black Mountain Wine House has you covered. With a real wood burning fire tended to by the staff, this little cabin is warm, intimate, and the perfect hideout from the cold, bustling city streets. Share some small plates with friends and embrace the hipster culture that is Brooklyn. You won’t be disappointed.



56 Irving Pl

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Cibar is best described as an offbeat lounge where retro design meets art gallery. The eclectic, colorful seating and chandeliers that could double as pieces of art give a cool, relaxed vibe without trying too hard. There is a small patio out back, but during the colder months you can cozy up inside with not one but two fireplaces (and a creative & delicious cocktail, of course).

Beekman Bar & Books

Murray Hill

889 1st Avenue

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A low-key underground bar full of old world charm, Beekman Bar & Books is a great place to sip whiskey and puff on cigars with friends when you’re feeling sophisticated this winter (no seriously, there is a cigar bar). With a pricey drink list and proper cocktails, this bar draws a more mature and high-class crowd. Wrap up in your fur coat, grab your finest cigars and venture over to this 1st Ave hideaway.




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