Drinking Essentials: Tequila in NYC

Drinking Essentials: Tequila in NYC

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For some, tequila is a reminder of wild nights partying into the early morning hours. For others, mezcal is a true art form. This list is for the latter type of personality, individuals who truly admire the artistry and inventiveness of outstanding tequilas.

If you are in this level of sophistication when it comes to tequila, head to one of the following NYC destinations known for hitting the right notes with their tequila offerings.

La Biblioteca
Try: Tequila sampler
Tequila menu
Where: 622 3rd Ave, New York
Class and high-end tequila collides at La Biblioteca, a 3rd Avenue lounge renowned for its inventive and upscale tequila cocktails. Combining an elegant indoor ambience and aesthetic with tequila flights selected from more than 400 brands of tequila has grabbed New York’s attention. Unsurprisingly, then, La Biblioteca has carved out a deserved reputation in the city.

La Biblioteca invites tequila aficionados to try and appreciate the diverse range of sharp flavors and and textures via the establishment’s inventive cocktail concoctions. Pair your drinks with Latin-Asian inspired menus, and you have one of the best tequila spots in the city.



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Try: Oaxacan Old Fashioned, Tequila flights
Tequila Menu
Where: 304 E 6th St, New York
Mayahuel is not a tequila establishment interested in stunning its patrons with hundreds of tequilas available in a vast selection. It is interested, instead, on artistry. Armed with fewer than 50 tequilas, the mezcalero experts at Mayahuel get to work crafting some of the best tequila cocktails imaginable.

When you visit Mayahuel on a jaunt through the East Village, be sure to try The Hit or Miss. Its masterful use of pineapple-infused mezcal, jalapeño-infused blanco, cilantro, lime, and agave nectar combine to produce a memorable drink worth posting about on Instagram.



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Try: $6 Frozen Margaritas
Tequila Menu
Where: 140 7th Ave S, New York
Any bar named after one of tequila’s most important ingredients better live up to its name, especially in a city like NYC. Fortunately, Agave delivers in spades. From the establishment’s delightful tequila flights to signature cocktails like the beloved Electric Feel (Siembra Azul Reposado, fresh pineapple and lavender sugar), your tequila needs are sure to be met at this 7th Avenue destination.

And, if you are looking for options outside of tequila, Agave has you covered with Southwestern-style menu items, margaritas and an all-you-can-drink weekend brunch special.



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Try: Smokey Jalapeño Margarita
Drink Menu
Where: 113 7th Ave S, New York
This low-lit Mexican cantina provides a cozy West Village atmosphere for NYC denizens to drink inventive tequila concoctions in style. Mixologists at Ofrenda keep their tequila creations both new and familiar. Just look at Ofrenda’s Old Fashioned, with creatively riffs on this cocktail classic by adding Pavoneo Añejo Tequila, maple syrup and mole-orange bitters.

Ofrenda literally means gift in Spanish, and you’ll likely agree this West Village destination is a gift for NYC tequila lovers once you try the cocktails and delectable Latin food.


Casa Mezcal

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Try: Wild Mezcals
Where: 86 Orchard St, New York
Tequila lovers who want drinks with a unique smoky kick to them need to pay Casa Mezcal a visit. This Lower East Side tequila bar offers “wild Mezcals” that originate deep in the Oaxacan mountains. In other words, you aren’t going to find unique tequila of this sort anywhere else in NYC. Casa Mezcal doesn’t stop at unique bottle offerings, however. Even the special salts used in margaritas use a special ingredient from dried grasshoppers. While this may be a turnoff for some, adventurous tequila lovers will be rewarded with a truly unique margarita.

Casa Mezcal is in many ways a shrine to all things mezcal, making it a lively mezcaleria that is worthy of repeat visits for any tequila enthusiast.


Barrio Chino
Try: Strawberry Vanilla Margarita
Where: 253 Broome St, New York
While this Lower East Side tequila bar is a great place to sidle into its cozy atmosphere with a glass of tequila from its bottle offerings, it is perhaps best known for its Strawberry Vanilla Margarita. This drink is the toast of the Yelp crowd, thanks to chunks of fresh strawberry paired with a delectable vanilla-infused tequila.

Barrio Chino is a small and trendy tequila spot is worth a visit for the Asian decor, Mexican and Asian influenced tacos and quality service. And, of course, the Strawberry Vanilla Margarita if it’s calling your name.



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Try: Añejo Margarita
Drink menu
Where: 668 10th Ave, New York
A small and friendly tequila establishment in Hell’s Kitchen, Añejo stakes out a reputation on imaginative mezcal drinks, cheery ambience and tasteful recipes. As such, it’s a great place to go when your appetite is as strong as your desire for some good tequila.

Pair the restaurant’s Mexican-inspired small plates with the Mole Noche (Tanteo Cocoa Tequila, Bourbon, Averna, arbol chile, mole bitters) to invigorate and delight your palate.


La Esquina

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Try: Pepino Diablo
Drink menu
Where: 114 Kenmare St, New York
Head to Nolita’s La Esquina, and you will be greeted with taquitos and similarly spot on food. Not to be outdone, the tequila here is on point as well. To get your taste buds roaring into overdrive, try the Pepino Diablo, a jalapeño-infused Tanteo Blanco Tequila paired with citrus, agave nectar and cucumber puree.

A speakeasy meets Mexican hideaway, it is little wonder that La Esquina has received numerous awards over the years.


Toloache 82
Try: The Jalapeño Margarita
Dinner Menu
Where: 166 E 82nd St, New York
Toloache 82 is a must if you spent a good deal of your time trying out the latest and greatest Upper East Side bars and restaurants. Toloache 82’s claim to fame is upscale and sophisticated Mexican cuisine that is matched with a great array of tequilas. From braised brisket tacos to spicy lobster tacos and great cocktails to match, Toloache 82 is sure to be a memorable dining and drinking experience.

Toloache 82 also has establishments in the Theatre District and West Village, making it easier than ever for New Yorkers to see why it’s one of the best tequila spots in the city.


Empellón Taqueria

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Try: Spicy Cucumber Margarita
Drink Menu
Where: 230 West 4th Street, New York
As the name implies, tacos are the establishment’s deserved claim to fame. But Empellón Taqueria doesn’t stop there. Tequila on the table is a great way to ensure a good time is had by all, making it a great place for friends to gather in the West Village over great food and drinks.

TAO Downtown

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Try: TAO-Garita with Alacran Tequila
Cocktail Menu
Where: 92 9th Ave, New York
Don’t let this modern, chic Pan-Asian restaurant fool you with their delicious small plates & entrees, this bar also offers an interesting mix of tequila choices. Most cocktails here have a TAO spin on traditional cocktails with new drinks rotating into the menu seasonally. Try the TAO-Garita, a margarita mixed with Alacran Tequila, if you’re looking to get adventurous during dinner or out at TAO Downtown’s nightclub.

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