The Best NYC Hotel Bars That Locals Love

The Best NYC Hotel Bars That Locals Love

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Hotel bars in NYC are so under-rated. Given the sheer amount of hotels in the city, you probably pass several on a daily basis. But ask any local nightlife aficionado and they would agree, there’s a few gems that offer the perfect storm of amazing ambiance, excellent food/drink combos, great city views, and tend not to be terribly crowded. So shrug the common hotel bars are just for tourists mentality aside and see what NYC locals are buzzing about.

The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

📷: The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel

Bemelmans Bar

Upper East Side

Enjoy a touch of whimsy with an elegant flare at the Bemelmans Bar. The bar, located in Upper East Side, was named after the author of Madeline, Ludwig Bemelmans. The beautiful bar features interesting whimsical pictures on the walls as well as a magnificent dining area. It combines the magic of a child’s story with a classy atmosphere. The bar offers piano and jazz music while visitors sip excellent wines and martinis.

The Library at The NoMad Hotel


Get out of the bustle of the Big Apple by stopping in at The Library at The NoMad Hotel. The Library offers an interesting atmosphere due to the sheer volume of books available to visitors. Read a favorite novel while sipping on an unexpected beverage in a Tiki glass or opt for an understated and quiet drink to match the gentle atmosphere of the bar. While it is reserved for hotel guests in the evening hours, the bar is open to the public during the day. Guests at the hotel can enjoy a quiet evening in the bar during a visit.

Malton Bar

Marlton Hotel Bar 📷: Annie Schlechter

The Marlton Hotel Bar

Greenwich Village

The Marlton Hotel Bar is an unassuming and simple bar. Despite the simple elegance of the space, it offers an interesting glimpse into history while staying up-to-date with modern touches. The bar was originally set up more than 100 years ago; however, the arrangement was updated and renovated. The combination of old and new world features set the bar apart. It offers a sophisticated and understated design.

The King Cole Bar at the St. Regis Hotel

Midtown East

The St. Regis Hotel stands apart from other hotels in New York City due to the beautiful painting by Maxfield Parrish and the aesthetically pleasing design of the hotel space. The King Cole Bar in the hotel offers amazing views of the stunning mural while sitting at a table. Enjoy a touch of history by ordering the Red Snapper, which is also called the Bloody Mary, or ask for something new to enjoy a different experience.

The Raines Law Room at The William Hotel

Midtown East

New York City has an interesting charm related to the old world elements combined with a modern design. The Raines Law Room, which is located at The William Hotel and is not actually affiliated with the hotel, takes the old world charm to a new level. It provides the atmosphere of a classic speakeasy. The elegant design elements make the space interesting for visitors and the exclusive feel sets it apart from other bars in the city. Despite the feel of exclusivity, any individual can make a reservation and enjoy the intimate and stunning environment.

The Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Gramercy Park

Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy a night at an exclusive and bohemian lounge. The Rose Bar offers a seductive and intimate atmosphere with a touch of artistic elements. The beautiful artwork rotates, which allows guests to enjoy different art without leaving a comfortable space. While visitors must be on the list after 9:00 PM, visitors can enjoy the bar in the early evening and can call ahead for a reservation.

Mandarin Oriental

📷: Lobby Lounge at Mandarin Oriental, New York

Lobby Lounge at Mandarin Oriental, New York

Columbus Circle

Enjoy the feeling of staying at home without giving up the social aspects of a bar at Lobby Lounge at Mandarin Oriental, New York. The bar in the Lobby Lounge offers an intimate and cozy design style that feels like home due to the sitting-room aspects of the design. During beautiful summer weather, guests can enjoy the stunning views of the iconic Central Park with wide-angle views of Columbus Circle. Despite the cozy atmosphere, the bar takes on a lively quality in the evening hours. Don’t miss the opportunity to try a pot of jasmine pearl tea while while you’re there.

The Jane Hotel Ballroom

West Village

The Jane Hotel Ballroom is a popular weekend destination for casual and comfortable interactions with local and visiting socialites. The ballroom features stuffed animals and zebra stripped benches for a stylish design element. The giant disco ball and the Edwardian chandeliers light up the space in an interesting and unique way. When the space fills up on the weekends, head to the front bar for a little quiet. Alternatively, explore the stunning bar during the weekdays.

The Lobby Bar at the Bowery Hotel

East Village

The Lobby Bar offers an interesting mix of modern and artistic design elements. The bar feels like a country getaway in the midst of the Big Apple, which sets is apart from other bars. Enjoy the intimate and almost over-decorated space. It features stunning Persian rugs, comfortable velvet settees and country-style wood panels. Step onto the back patio to look at the mosaic tile and sip a favorite drink. Enjoy sipping mulled wine on the back patio during the winter without worrying about the cold since the bar keeps the patio warm.

The Ides at Wythe Hotel

Ides at the Wythe 📷: Matthew Williams

The Ides at the Wythe

Williamsburg – Brooklyn

Sneak a peek at the New York City skyline from across the river at the Wythe Hotel. The rooftop bar, The Ides, is a small art deco style bar with an understated design. The stunning views set the bar apart because it gives a chance to see a complete view of the city rather than part of the view. The hotel is located in Brooklyn. It is particularly popular among hipsters in the local area.

The Press Lounge at Ink48 Hotel

Hell’s Kitchen

Take in the impressive views of New York City and the Hudson River from The Press Lounge. The Ink48 Hotel bar provides a luxurious experience that sets it apart and provides an interesting atmosphere. It is ideal when taking clients out for an evening, but it also appeals to individuals looking for a beautiful environment with amazing views. The hotel bar is known for the cocktails and the attractive interior design. It is particularly popular among trend-setting city locals.

Jimmy at the James

Jimmy at The James 📷: Dillon Burke

Jimmy at The James Hotel


Luxury is the key element that sets Jimmy at The James Hotel apart from any other bar in the city. Dress up in your best formal attire when visiting the impressive space. The opulent rooftop bar has one of the most stunning views of The Big Apple, the Hudson River and Jersey City. Since the bar fits roughly 80 guests at one time, it provides a feeling of exclusivity and extravagance. Enjoy the Grilled Pineapple Mojito for a refreshing drink in the summer or the scary Blair Witch Cocktail for a taste of adventure.

Le Bain at the Standard


Exclusivity is the feature that sets Le Bain apart from other hotel bars in the city. Since it is connected to The Boom Boom Room, it offers the opportunity to see celebrities visiting the city. The hotel bar in the Standard is also known for the amazing bathrooms and the hot tubs built into the dance floor. Bring a swimsuit and get into the water or dress nicely for a night of dancing and mingling. Le Bain is a popular destination, so dress nicely and show up early to get the most out of your experience.

Beirgarten at the Standard


There’s something special about the humility of the Beirgarten in the Standard. Even though the hotel has several bars with different designs, the Beirgarten stands apart due to the simple and humble environment. The open-air bar is a comfortable space to relax and unwind with German-inspired menu items and beers. If you want to step away from the party-atmosphere of other bars and enjoy a quiet evening with a grilled bratwurst or an over-sized pretzel served with German mustard for dipping, then the Beirgarten bar is the perfect destination for a getaway.


📷: Andaz

The Bar Downstairs at The Andaz Hotel


There is nothing better than a mysterious hideaway. If you want an adventurous evening in a secretive destination, then The Andaz Hotel has the perfect bar for your nighttime getaway. The Downstairs Bar is a discreet open secret hidden behind a placard sign. Although the arrangement in the hotel is an interesting feature, it is the airy design and open-kitchen that set the bar apart. After ordering food items and beverages, guests at the bar can watch the chef prepare their food. The bar also offers an array of appetizers and full meals.




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