Best Restaurants & Bars Perfect for Girl’s Night Out in NYC

Best Restaurants & Bars Perfect for Girl’s Night Out in NYC

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Looking for a great spot to hang out with your friends and celebrate or have fun? Here are the top NYC restaurants and bars for the perfect girl’s night out, whether you feel like eating light, going classy, or getting your drink on.


Santina – Meatpacking District Read Less Read More
What: Coastal Italian Vegetables & Fish
Where: 820 Washington St.

Santina’s emphasis is on “coastal” Italian which is another way of saying lower-calorie, more Mediterranean-style dishes that are designed to savor rather than wolf down. Oh, sure there’s pastas and pizzas, but the focus is strictly on low-fast seafood meals with highlights like radish and salmon, artichoke and grapes, and a few richer options like egg-and-bacon sandwiches. This makes it easy to stop by for lunch or dinner as you please.

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Red Farm – West Village Read Less Read More

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What: Soup dumplings, spicy crispy beef and the garlic chicken
Where: 529 Hudson Street

Red Farm likes to have fun with Asian food – but don’t worry, it’s a quiet, ironic sort of fun that includes dim sum with little dumpling faces (and black truffle drizzle). There’s a big focus on green market and table practices, which also lowers the calorie count. The only (sort of) downside is that eating is more communal, which means you’ll need to gather up friends to really enjoy the feeling.

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The Lucky Bee – Lower East Side Read Less Read More
What: Colorful space for seasonal Thai curries, Southeast Asian street snacks & cocktails
Where: 252 Broome St

The Lucky Bee isn’t your usual Thai food place – and that hypnotic, glitzy barber shop theme only underscores how very traditional the meal service are…and why that’s a good thing. Plates and bowls are designed to be shared with friends, making this an excellent place for a girls’ night out (less so for a date but you could probably make it work). As for the food itself, choose small plates if you want interesting meals like tuna tartare and large bowls if you want classics like green curry.

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Narcissa – East Village Read Less Read More
What: Farm-to-table New American cuisine.
Where: 25 Cooper Sq

It’s no wonder The Standard area is getting a lot of foodie attention lately: To see one reason why, take a beautiful day off with your girls and visit this close-by restaurant with an amazingly beautiful patio and private garden. The goal is to make you feel like you’re in California, and that includes the farm-to-table meals which focus on seasonals from veal meatballs and roast cauliflower to braised lamb and orata. With all the focus on vegetables we wish Narcissa had more vegetarian and vegan options, but we’ll gladly recommend it anyway.

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Galli Restaurant – SoHo Read Less Read More
What: Familiar Italian food favorites plus many types of parm in casually stylish bistro-like digs
Where: 45 Mercer St

Take everything bad about an Olive Garden chain, make it good instead, add a whole lot of cocktails, and you’ll have someplace that looks a lot like Galli. Sometimes you just need to sit down, drink, and eat a whole lot of Italian comfort food – this is the place for it. The meal options are pleasantly authentic, with large portions and plenty of options to get whatever kind of pasta you are in the mood for

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Bar Primi – East Village Read Less Read More

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What: Pasta-centric menu plus cocktails and lots of wine from Italy
Where: 325 Bowery

Bar Primi is a faster, more nimble style of Italian restaurant, one of those classy pasta shops that feel fun and smell really, really good. The meals are a little less traditional here, focusing more on interesting combinations featuring New England products like shrimp and crab as well as octopus – okay, there’s also classic Italian sandwiches and other, redder meats.

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Bars, Clubs & Lounges

Top of the Standard – Meatpacking District Read Less Read More
What: Opulent penthouse lounge with expansive views
Where: 848 Washington St

Back to The Standard! Or specifically, the Top of the Standard, which is the new but very unfunctional name of what is still mostly the Boom Boom Room. Fortunately, the chill club atmosphere and welcome, lofty outdoor spaces still make this bar a great win. Maybe the boring new name is a plot to thin out the crowd, because the TOS is famous for being crowded – come here for the celebrity sightings as much as the drinks.

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Sweet & Vicious – NoLita Read Less Read More
What: Vicious margarita’s on a sweet outdoor patio
Where: 5 Spring St

While this mason jar-margarita bar is typically known for being a singles stop, it also has a lot to offer for a girls’ night out, including a happy hour that lasts until 7 on the weekdays. Stop here to unwind if you don’t have to get up early tomorrow – and if you like a party.

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Crocodile Lounge – Gramercy Park Read Less Read More
What: Skee-Ball & a photo booth that offers a free mini-pizza with each drink
Where: 325 E 14th St

Free pizza and omelettes? Sort of – the Crocodile Lounge is designed for fun, and an amazing spot for birthdays with a lot of freebies for the lucky person. There’s a lot of great events, the drinks are very affordable, and this is generally just the type of bar you can call your favorite stop. Plus, buy the right drink at the right time and you get free food!

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Anfora – West Village Read Less Read More
What: Dell’anima spinoff with interesting wine glasses
Where: 34 8th Ave

Anfora is one of those newer, welcome bars that work hard to produce food that’s just as good as their cocktails. The small plates are delicious and perfect for dates – but we suggest you gather a group of your girlfriends and have a friend’s night here, too. Just remember to try more than one of the house cocktails before you leave – and possibly one of the latest, snazziest wines from the constantly updated selection.

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Beauty & Essex – Lower East Side Read Less Read More

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What: Upscale cocktails hidden behind a pawn shop
Where: 146 Essex St

Located behind a pawnshop, Beauty & Essex’s entrance reveals a full-scale restaurant, and the second-floor serves as a lounge with a bar that boasts a ladies room where free champagne is offered. The lower restaurant features some of the most innovative dishes in NYC, while the spacious 2nd floor offers a glamorous ambiance to drink hand-crafted cocktails all night.
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