Best Pizza Places for Late Night Munchies in NYC

Best Pizza Places for Late Night Munchies in NYC

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When an outsider thinks of NYC a few things come to mind: Food, Nightlife, Fashion, Art.

If you live in NYC or are just passing through this weekend, odds are you’ll find yourself drinking with friends. It’s tradition. If you make it out past 2AM then the doors to another NYC tradition open. Late-night munchies. Not even Hodor will be able to keep those doors closed.

The most common late-night food option in NYC is pizza – and to be honest it all tastes good when it’s past 2AM but there definitely a few spots that stand out above the rest. By using Google reviews, we’ve sorted the best late night pizza options in NYC available to you when you need it most.

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  • 1. East Village Pizza & Kebabs

    East Village ☆ 4.7 48 ReviewsClick for directions

    145 1st Avenue
    Open until: 5:00 AM
    Google users rate East Village Pizza & Kebabs #1 for late night pizza in NYC. This East Village pizza joint doesn’t just stop at pizza, it also dishes out kebabs and salad until 5 in the morning.
  • 2. Prince Street Pizza

    Nolita ☆ 4.6 276 ReviewsClick for directions

    27 Prince St A
    Open until: 11:00 PM
    Grab these two slices that make Prince Street Pizza a crowd favorite and you won’t go wrong: The margherita or the spicy spring(Prince) squares.
  • 3. Archie’s

    Bushwick ☆ 4.6 93 ReviewsClick for directions

    128 Central Ave
    Open until: 4:00 AM
    Dubbed “the best pizza place in Bushwick” you can expect a warm welcome, good pizza and casual drinks at the bar.
  • 4. Lunetta Pizza

    Gramercy ☆ 4.5 24 ReviewsClick for directions

    245 3rd Ave
    Open until: 1:45 AM
    Classic walk-by neighborhood pizza joint that doesn’t hold back on the cheese, sauce and toppings.
  • 5. Ganni’s Pizzeria

    Bedford-Stuyvesant ☆ 4.5 93 ReviewsClick for directions

    652 Myrtle Ave
    Open until: 5:00 AM
    Ganni knows customer service and quality pizza. This late late late night joint makes deliveries all night and with a smile.
  • 6. Barboncino

    Crown Heights ☆ 4.4 181 ReviewsClick for directions

    781 Franklin Ave
    Open until: 1:00 AM
    Napolitano style wood burning, brick oven pizza. Enjoy late night happy hour drink prices (11PM-1AM) in an intimate low-key setting.
  • 7. Vinnie’s Pizzeria

    Williamsburg ☆ 4.4 181 ReviewsClick for directions

    148 Bedford Ave
    Open until: 3:00 AM
    Vinnie has variety and a sense of humor. Grab a slice of vegan, gluten-free or uniquely themed speciality pizza that might blow your mind.
  • 8. Numero 28 Pizzeria

    West Village ☆ 4.4 106 ReviewsClick for directions

    28 Carmine St
    Open until: 11:30 PM
    BYOB then grab a slice of authentic wood-fire, Neapolitan pizza. Add truffle butter or mix it up and order their meatballs or buffalo sticks.
  • 9. 99 Cents Fresh Pizza

    East Village ☆ 4.4 11 ReviewsClick for directions

    71 2nd Ave
    Open until: 5:00 AM
    There are a handful of 99 Cent pizza joints in NYC but this East Village location takes the top spot. Grab a no frills NYC pizza for very cheap – so cheap you might grab more than you need.
  • 10. Garlic New York Pizza Bar

    Murray Hill ☆ 4.3 50 ReviewsClick for directions

    629 2nd Ave
    Open until: 12:30 AM
    Garlic focuses on the classics, has a bar in the back and an outdoor patio that might as well be a secret. Grab a square (slightly more doughy) and make your way out back.
  • 11. Nonna’s L.E.S. Pizzeria

    Lower East Side ☆ 4.3 54 ReviewsClick for directions

    105 Clinton St
    Open until: 3:00 AM
    Nonna’s delivers on quality home-made pizza with a speciality menu(mozz sticks, alfredo) and they deliver fast to your door in the middle of the night. BYOB
  • 12. Williamsburg Pizza

    Lower East Side ☆ 4.3 32 ReviewsClick for directions

    277 Broome St
    Open until: 5:00 AM
    Don’t let the name fool you, this is a prime LES pizza joint with fantastic Grandma & margherita slices. Half the reviews are dedicated to their Grandma squares so we suggest you give it a try.
  • 13. Anna Maria Pizza & Pasta

    Williamsburg ☆ 4.3 97 ReviewsClick for directions

    179 Bedford Ave
    Open until: 3:00 AM
    Traditional Brooklyn Pizzaria that brings it back to the basics with a variety of slices. Fresh daily ingredients, fresh pizza, Anna Maria.
  • 14. Joe’s Pizza

    Gramercy ☆ 4.3 135 ReviewsClick for directions

    150 E 14th St
    Open until: 4:00 AM
    Joe’s has been in operation since 1975 and continues to open new locations throughout Manhattan and Bk – for good reason. Expect a ton of foot traffic at night and while they take orders they always have Fresh Mozzarella and Plain Cheese on tap.
  • 15. Emporio

    Nolita ☆ 4.3 132 ReviewsClick for directions

    231 Mott St
    Open until: 11:45 PM
    Top-notch service with a menu that serves up fresh pizza, meatballs, & home-made pasta in a restaraunt-style setting.
  • 16. Rocky’s Pizzeria

    Kips Bay ☆ 4.2 41 ReviewsClick for directions

    607 2nd Ave
    Open until: 3:00 AM
    Rocky’s has been a neighborhood pizza joint in Murray Hill for many years now and continues to deliver on quality and service. Vodka pizza is a must.
  • 17. Bleecker Street Pizza

    West Village ☆ 4.2 282 ReviewsClick for directions

    69 7th Ave S
    Open until: 5:00 AM
    Bleecker Street Pizza gives you a true NY pizza experience. You’ll notice the business replies to most of their reviews and you can tell they truly care. Try the Nonna Maria pizza.
  • 18. Patsy’s Pizzeria

    Harlem ☆ 4.2 311 ReviewsClick for directions

    2287 1st Avenue
    Open until: 12:00 AM
    Founded in 1933, Patsy’s is one of New York’s original pizza joints, specifically this Harlem location. It brings years of experience to the table and offers a no frills traditional NY thin sliced pizza.
  • 19. Lil Frankie’s Pizza

    East Village ☆ 4.2 192 ReviewsClick for directions

    19 1st Avenue,
    Open until: 2:00 AM
    Lil Frankie’s is a cash-only eatery offering wood-fired pizza & Italian dishes in a restaurant setting. Expect good pizza, good vibes and music – great date spot.
  • 20. La Mia Pizza

    Upper East Side ☆ 4.1 40 ReviewsClick for directions

    1488 1st Avenue
    Open until: 4:00 AM
    La Mia is an UES favorite with a reputation for getting the cheese / sauce balance right. Try their margherita pizza and get it delivered to your door late into the night.
  • 21. Vinny Vincenz

    East Village ☆ 4.1 39 ReviewsClick for directions

    231 1st Avenue
    Open until: 4:00 AM
    Vinny dishes out delicious $1 slices that should probably cost more given the quality. Users have given praise for their fast and friendly delivery service.
  • 22. Stromboli Pizza

    East Village ☆ 4.1 47 ReviewsClick for directions

    83 St Marks Pl
    Open until: 4:00 AM
    Late night buffalo chicken, jalapeno pepperoni and a variety of other pizza. Beer on tap. Come as late as you want and grab a slice of traditional NY pizza.
  • 23. Two Boots West Village

    West Village ☆ 4 81 ReviewsClick for directions

    201 W 11th St
    Open until: 2:00 AM
    Two Boots appeals to the masses with their wide-range of non-traditional pizza. Their cornmeal crust is gluten-free and they give you a huge selection of topings and pre-set pizza options.
  • 24. Ben’s Pizzeria

    West Village ☆ 4 92 ReviewsClick for directions

    123 Macdougal St
    Open until: 5:30 AM
    Authentic Italian pizza with quality ingredients for slightly higher prices. Grab a slice to go, cash only.
  • 25. Roma Pizza

    Upper East Side ☆ 4 57 ReviewsClick for directions

    1568 3rd Ave
    Open until: 4:00 AM
    Roma serves up a traditional NY pizza – no frills – with good quality ingredients and a great price tag which makes it another UES favorite.
  • 26. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Bar

    Chelsea ☆ 4 395 ReviewsClick for directions

    114 10th Ave
    Open until: 5:00 AM
    Artichoke is one of the busiest late-night pizza joints in NYC with a 3-slice minimum order just to sit down. The pizza quality & selection is great, slightly pricier with a good atmosphere to enjoy it all.
  • 27. Rosario’s Pizza

    Lower East Side ☆ 3.9 63 ReviewsClick for directions

    173 Orchard St
    Open until: 24 hours
    No frills pizza that’s affordable and quick. Don’t come for the service – grab a slice and go or have it delivered late into the night.
  • 28. J’s Pizza

    Chelsea ☆ 3.8 45 ReviewsClick for directions

    98 7th Ave
    Open until: 5:00 AM
    Hot & Crispy. J’s is a no-frills spot with a large offering of different pizza slices and italian food options.
  • 29. Rocky’s

    Chelsea ☆ 3.8 30 ReviewsClick for directions

    304 W 14th St
    Open until: 4:00 AM
    Soft, fluffy, salty and sweet. Traditional New York pizza with just the right amount of cheese for cheap.
  • 30. Famous Amadeus Pizza

    Midtown West ☆ 3.7 77 ReviewsClick for directions

    840 8th Ave,
    Open until: 3:00 AM
    No Frills, cheap and doesn’t hold back on the toppings. Amadeus dishes out an extensive selection of pizza and sandwiches.
  • 31. Ray’s Pizza

    East Village ☆ 3.4 66 ReviewsClick for directions

    St Marks Hotel, 2 St Marks Pl
    Open until: 24 hours
    Built for speed, not quality. Ray’s is your go-to if you want a wide selection of fast pizza & bagel options. They don’t hold back on the spread.




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