Festival Fare: A Foodie’s Guide to the 2017 Meadows Music and Arts Festival

Festival Fare: A Foodie’s Guide to the 2017 Meadows Music and Arts Festival

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The sun might be setting on Summer ’17, but New Yorkers know how to squeeze every last ounce of fun out of the season before sweaters, leggings, and the ever-ubiquitous #PSL take over the city. Case in point? The Meadows Music and Arts Festival, an annual three-day outdoor music and food event taking place this weekend at Citi Field. Boasting a diverse, genre-busting lineup of artists from across the musical spectrum, festival attendants can expect to hear some of the biggest names in the industry, including Jay-Z, Migos, Nas, Gorillaz, LL Cool J, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bassnectar, and Weezer. If you plan on joining the rest of the ravers, rappers, and rock fans out in Queens for a jam-packed weekend, you’re bound to get hungry and grab a bite at one of The Meadow’s many food stands.

This year, you’re in luck; instead of shelling out $12 for an overpriced slice of mediocre pizza or a lukewarm burger and fries, you can expect to sample some of New York’s finest culinary offerings. Get out your iPhones and get ready to snap those Instagram pics – here is our ultimate food and drink guide to help you make the most of your weekend and keep your #hanger at bay so you can enjoy the different music and activities at Meadows 2017.

The Tried and True: A-List Eateries

Big Mozz

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If you’ve been to Smorgasburg next to East River Park in Williamsburg, you’ve definitely seen the lines for Big Mozz, a local vendor slinging out hot and crispy mozzarella sticks with a side of marinara sauce so good it encourages double dipping. If you’ve stood in said line, you’ll know that the gooey goodness was worth every minute of the wait. If you have yet to make it to Smorgasburg (to which we say you are definitely missing out and should block off a Saturday foodie adventure before they close down for the winter in November), you’re in luck – Big Mozz is going to be at The Meadows this year offering up their famed fried cheese! Make a point of stopping by for an afternoon snack on your way to see the next set and you won’t be disappointed.


DŌ Cookie Dough Confections

Do is one of those places that seems ridiculously overhyped from the outside, but if you’ve ever successfully braved the 4-block-long line (no joke) and lived to tell the tale, you’ll know that it’s every bit as good as it promises. Conceptually, DŌ is simple – everyone loves cookie dough, and the fact that DŌ uses pasteurized eggs (making them safe for consumption) means you can enjoy it without fear of food poisoning. Although food and music festivals aren’t known for the brevity of their lines, we can guarantee that the line for DŌ at the Meadows will be shorter than the line at their Greenwich Village storefront – so take advantage of it.


John’s Juice

Another Smorgasburg delight, John’s Juice is the ultimate toast to the final days of summer. Enjoy fresh pineapple, watermelon, orange, grapefruit and dragon fruit juice served up in their original forms – without cups! If you order a juice from John’s, you’ll have the very Instagram-friendly experience of carrying around a whole baby watermelon or pineapple filled with delicious fruit juice – without the added sugar and preservatives found in the store-bought varieties. John’s is a great way to stay both hydrated and healthy as you dance the night away.


Get Your Drink On

Bar Primi

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There’s just something about rosé – especially when it’s frozen – that screams summer and sun (and okay, maybe #basic too, but who’s judging?). We’re extremely excited to visit Bar Primi – the originator of the famed frosé slushie! – at The Meadows as we say goodbye to frozen cocktails for the summer.


Bloody Mary Bar

This might actually be the most exciting culinary feature to check out this year. Brunch lovers and Bloody Mary fans will be delighted to hit up the Tito’s Vodka stand for their Build Your Own Bloody Mary booth! Let’s just say it involves fresh home-grown tomatoes and an array of spices that will allow you to customize your cocktail exactly as you like it (extra hot sauce, please!).


What We’re Excited to Try

Arepa Lady

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As a fan of the Venezuelan arepas served at Las Caracas out on Beach 106 in the Rockaways (any beach babies with me?), I’m extremely excited to sample the Colombian arepas of the Arepa Lady, a famed Jackson Heights, Queens street vendor who literally started her business by selling these stuffed and grilled corn cakes from a sidewalk cart. She has become wildly popular and has since expanded into her own restaurant. If you don’t find yourself out in Jackson Heights very often, here’s your opportunity to try a Queens’ original!

San Matteo Pizzeria

If these pizzas are half as good as they look, our taste buds are definitely in for a treat. Hand-tossed Neapolitan-style pizza made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, San Matteo’s offerings are just about as authentic as you can get outside of Italy. We’re also secretly hoping that they bring their espresso bar along with them to help us fight off the food coma long enough to stay awake for Jay-Z!



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Okay, so this one is mostly eating for the Insta – but who can resist the colorful fish-shaped waffles paired with deliciously pastel soft serve? This is one to cross off the foodie bucket list for sure as you watch the likes roll in.



We’re Going to Pass…


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Besides the fact that there are better donuts out there than Dough (Peter Pan in Greenpoint, for instance), you can find Dough donuts being sold in several bagel shops, cafes, and even some coffee carts throughout the city. Save yourself the wait and the money and try something a little more interesting and a little less accessible!



Bareburger is another one of those places like Dough – overhyped, overpriced, and easily-accessible. When there are so many creative food options, why go for something with nearly a dozen locations in the city?



Just like the famed spaghetti donut at Smorgasburg, the Ramenburger leaves us wondering–why? Why did somebody think this was a good idea? Having tried the Ramenburger at last year’s Electric Zoo music festival, I can personally say that I still don’t know the answer to that question, except that it’s a gimmicky and uber-expensive way to sell somebody a tiny (and messy) Cup Noodles sandwich without the “novelty” of the high school cafeteria experience.


Held in New York’s most ethnically-diverse borough, the Meadows is so much more than an A-list music festival: it’s a culinary and cultural event that even the most seasoned foodie can appreciate. So put on your dancing shoes and come hungry for good food and great music as we send off the summer of 2017 in style. We can’t wait to see you there!




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