Check Out These 4 Amazing Cat Cafes in NYC

Check Out These 4 Amazing Cat Cafes in NYC

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Tea and a Tabby. Croissant and a Calico. A cup of coffee and as many kittens as you can fit on your lap. This is what’s on the menu at your local cat café. Part coffee shop, part cat sanctuary, cat cafés allow patrons with a reservation to spend an hour or two playing and relaxing with their resident cats and kittens. The cafés also host a variety of events, from cat yoga, to kitty tea parties, and cat-on-your-lap movie nights. Some cafés also serve as adoption centers, should you find yourself unable to leave without one of your new furry friends. Check out the details on NYC’s cat cafés below.

Little Lions – Soho
Where: 40 Grand St.
Special Events: Movie Night, Cat Yoga, Afternoon Tea, Children’s Story Time
Little Lions boasts the ambience of a cozy living room and the quaintness of a cute tea shop. The café is separated from the cat sanctuary by a glass window, so visitors without reservations can still enjoy a view of the kitties with their tea and CatCakes (mini cat shaped pancakes). Inside the sanctuary, cats of every color roam as they please, being entertained and doted upon by their human companions, or taking adorable naps on whatever couch or person they please. Reservations for one hour in the sanctuary cost $11 and the cost of admission for special events varies.

Koneko – Lower East Side

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Where: 26 Clinton St.
Special Events: Sake Tasting, Movie Night, Japanese Cooking Class, Kitty Brunch, Bingo, Drag Queen Karaoke Battle, Private Parties
Koneko was clearly designed with the modern Tokyo city kitty in mind. Both the café and the “cattery” (cat sanctuary) are sleek and minimalist, with an emphasis on structures for the cats to climb and play on. On the coffee shop side, along with a variety of coffees and teas, you can find an array of Japanese appetizers, sweets, beer, sake, and wine. An hour with the kitties costs $15 and special events vary. Every cat at Koneko is adoptable, so if you’re smitten, adopt a kitten!

Brooklyn Cat Cafe – Brooklyn Heights
Where: 149 Atlantic Avenue
Special Events: Cats & Crafts, Cat Yoga & Stretching, Movie Night
This spot is more cat sanctuary and adoption center than café, although they do serve a small selection of drinks and snacks. So for $5 per half hour, ditch your laptop and your latte because you’ll find yourself scratching more fuzzy tummies than you thought possible. With a strong emphasis on adoption and almost every cat being adoptable, it’ll be hard to leave this spacious cat haven without a new friend.

Meow Parlour – China Town
Where: 46 Hester St.
Special Events: Cat Lectures/Workshops, Cat Yoga, Drag Bingo, Private Parties
Meow Parlour, NYC’s first cat café, has the best of both worlds. The human side is a trendy little patisserie, serving up coffee, tea, and baked goods, which include cat shaped macaroons. That’s right, macaroons. In the shape of cute little cat faces. And once you’re done eating, you can sojourn in the cat sanctuary for $5 per half hour, where you’ll find yourself in a space reminiscent of a loft designed for NYC’s most elite cats. In addition to being adorable, Meow Parlour’s cats are also adoptable.



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