NYE in NYC 2015-2016: Setting Expectations

NYE in NYC 2015-2016: Setting Expectations

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For millions around the world, the quintessential event on New Year’s Eve (NYE) occurs in Times Square, where thousands of people gather in a ritualistic fashion to celebrate a mesmerizing orb dropping from the heavens. New York City is synonymous with the ultimate NYE celebration, and it’s not surprising that every bar, club, and event space is trying to capitalize on the hype. However, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Many venues promise “ultimate experiences” yet end up overselling tickets, creating an atmosphere that mimics a sardine can, leading to an overall mediocre experience. So what are the best NYE options in NYC? We’re not going to tell you where to go, but we can certainly lead you in the right direction. Let’s start by looking at the history of NYE in NYC, and what it has evolved into.

New Years Eve in NYC

1. The History of NYE in NYC
2. The Monopoly on Parties
3. Setting Expectations
4. Enjoying Your Night Out

1. The History of NYE in NYC

In 1904, New York City was going through a series of miraculous changes. New businesses were on the rise, money was flowing in, and the city was full of unexplainable energy. The new headquarters of The New York Times had officially opened its doors and with it came the re-naming of what is now Time’s Square. The new building became the center of celebration with its first New Years party receiving an extraordinary amount of success that eventually, 2 years later, led to the first NYE ball drop. Ever since then, we’ve perfected the way we display the ball drop through live broadcasting and private events in the New York City area. It was only until recently that things started to change as one private party company began expanding its control over NYE events.

2. The Monopoly on Parties

Before we get started, we’d like to state that NYE experiences are subjective, influenced by preconceived notions, environment, and so many other factors 🙂

Where are we getting at? Who are we talking about? Let’s start with a profile:

Business name: Joonbug

Description: “Provides party promotion “information” for NYC nightlife events and venues.”

Social score: 1.5 out of 5 starts

What people are saying:




What their employees are saying:



We’ve sorted through the social stigma, now let’s get to the point. This company throws over 137 parties at some of the most exclusive clubs in the city. In fact, you’d be lucky to find a party they aren’t behind. Why does this matter? Because experiences and moments matter. We live in a time and in a city that strives for the best and that extends to the experiences we stumble onto and create. Looking around, I couldn’t find any definitive guide to getting the most out of this situation so I’d like to at the very least help set expectations.

3. Setting Expectations

With the above in mind, you have a few options to choose from. You can:

1. Go to one of these 137 parties
2. Wait all day in the center of Time’s Square
3. Choose other viable NYE options in the area

You choose to…

Go to one of these 137 parties

If you choose to go to one of these parties then please be aware of the risks involved and take all necessary steps to ensure you make it inside and have a good night out. We recommend you:

  • Purchase your ticket 24-48+ hours in advance
  • Make sure you have your physical, printed tickets in hand
  • Contact the venue to ensure the party is actually happening & that your tickets are valid
  • Get to the event 45 minutes early
  • Be prepared to stand in large crowds with long bathroom lines

It’s important to keep in mind that most of these venues are not in any way associated with Joonbug outside of these yearly events. This is simply an easy way for venues to make fast cash by handing over their keys for the night. While it isn’t ideal and there should be a better solution, no one reputable has stepped in to fill the void.

You choose to…

Wait all day in the center of Time’s Square

With an estimated one billion at-home viewers, it’s no wonder why you would want to be front in center for the ball drop at Time’s Square. Although most locals will stay as far away from Time’s Square as possible, we understand the allure for tourists. So if you are considering it, here are a few precautionary tips you’ll likely want to consider before making your way over on New Years Eve.

The basics:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Don’t bring bags
  • Show up really early (noon)
  • Take the train or walk
  • Wear warm clothing (estimated low of 39 degrees)
  • Eat plenty beforehand
  • Take a pitstop before entering
  • Bring a book

The extremes:

  • Bring a portable bladder (there aren’t many, if any restrooms near the front)
  • Bring a camel pack (opposite reasons)

People that want to get as close as they can will likely get there between 11am-2pm and will be prepared to wait all day without a single restroom break. If you’re up for the challenge, you could be the lucky couple that gets national television time but at the very least you’ll get to experience something very few people ever get to.

You choose to…

Explore other viable NYE options

This is New York City, one of the largest cities in the world. Why limit yourself to a few options? In this section, we’d like to highlight other viable options for NYE that might spark excitement into the New Year.

Our Picks: New York City NYE Events & Parties

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4. Enjoying Your Night Out

Above all, we encourage you to enjoy your night out and celebrate responsibly. New York City is not as daunting as it appears as long as you have a travel plan you’ll likely come back with positive experiences and stories to tell for a lifetime.




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