The Hottest Williamsburg Music Venues

The Hottest Williamsburg Music Venues

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Would you like some bass with that whiskey neat, or perhaps you’re in the mood for something else entirely? On any given night, Williamsburg offers copious amounts of live music covering a wide array of different genres. Get the scoop on the hottest music venues in Williamsburg below.


Baby’s All Right

Bedford & Broadway
Who’s it for: Taco lovers, live indie bands.
Things to know going in: The front of the venue is a restaurant, walk straight back to enter the music venue.
Tips: There’s a large window connecting the restaurant and the music venue, this slides down betweens sets!


Wythe & North 12th
Who’s it for: Lovers of deep house, trance, DJ sets, and all things EDM.
Things to know going in: Mandatory umbrella and coat check on most nights, tickets can sell out quick so buy online to save some hassle at the door.
Tips: During the Summer the rooftop transforms into an afternoon dance party. Bring a group of friends and sunglasses, this is definitely a hot day drinking spot.


Berry & North 6th
Who’s it for: Indie music, DJ sets, burger devourers
Things to know going in: A restaurant and bar hits you when you walk in. If the restaurant is open/busy you will need to venture through a side door, and enter a subterranean maze to get to the music venue located in the back of the venue. You can make it!
Tips: Once restaurant business slows down you can simply walk through the venue to get into the performance space.

Black Bear

Wythe & North 6th
Who’s it for: Skaters, pool players, indie and hip hop lovers
Things to know going in: Are we walking into a skatepark or a garden patio? Depending on the season, this may change… but walk straight back and you’ll see the bar and music venue!
Tips: Skating is free, beer is not.

Skinny Dennis

Berry & Metropolitan
Who’s it for: City folk who want a splash of country music, Texas beer lovers
Things to know going in: Small venue gets packed, music is typically free and starts around 7-9PM
Tips: Free peanuts! Order a Shiner and enjoy.




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