Top 9 Spots in NYC for Unlimited Sushi, Sake, and Beer

Top 9 Spots in NYC for Unlimited Sushi, Sake, and Beer

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There’s a time and a place for a high-end sushi experience, but certain situations call for an all-American approach to this Japanese tradition. So we’ve compiled a list of 10 places in a neighborhood near you where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat sushi, sake, and beer at budget-friendly prices.

9. Yuka Japanese Restaurant

Upper East Side

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1557 2nd Ave
It might not look like much from the outside, but behind the bland facade lies a sushi oasis. Although their AYCE menu selection is limited, what’s not limited is the amount of sushi you can eat for $22.95 in one hour and forty-five minutes. Be forewarned that they will charge you for what you don’t finish, so order wisely lest you get left on the hook for fish you can’t finish.

8. Kumo Sushi

West Village

282 Bleecker St
If you find yourself near Bleeker Street with a hankering for sushi, drop in here for unlimited sushi, beer, and sake. $45 gets you all the spirits and food you want, but for $10 less, you can get just the food.

7. AA Ichiban Sushi

Midtown West

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213 W 28th St
Lying in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen is a sushi paradise just waiting to be discovered. For nine full hours daily and only $28.89, you can enjoy as much sushi as you want along with miso soup, salad, hibachi and more. You are limited to only two hours at this sushi hot spot, so don’t eat too slowly or you’ll run out of time.

6. Kikoo Sushi

Upper East Side

1650 3rd Ave
As its name implies, this restaurant is less known for its Japanese dishes. But don’t let that stop you–for a mere $33.95, they offer all the sushi, beer and sake you want, or you can limit yourself to the sushi for only $27.95.

5. Ashiya Sushi

East Village

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11 W 36th St
Conveniently situated in the heart of Columbus Circle, Ashiya Sushi serves hot sake by the pitcher, resulting in a rowdy crowd of sushi-loving villagers chanting “sake bomb” to their heart’s content. Two hours and $33 at this weekend party spot will buy you all the sushi, beer, and sake you can handle.

4. Cho Cho San

Greenwich Village

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15 W 8th St
Tucked away in the tree-lined streets of the Village, Cho Cho San offers unlimited sake for only $10. But don’t leave without trying some of their Uni Sushi too!

3. Kiku Sushi

235 9th Ave
You’ll normally pay $12-14 per roll at this sushi joint, but with their AYCE deal, they offer a wide variety of sushi rolls for only $28.99. Of course, no sushi experience would be complete without alcohol, so why not spend the extra $7 and chase down that spicy yellowtail with unlimited sake and beer?

2. Ichi Umi

Murray Hill

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6 E 32nd St
No pretense here, just an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet at rock-bottom prices. Ranging from $18.95 for unlimited sushi and seafood lunches to $34.95 for unlimited dinners, Ichi Umi is sure to leave you feeling full and sushi-satisfied.

1. Sushi Para


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1461 3rd Ave
Served on stylish wooden boats, Sushi Para’s unlimited $20 lunch special doesn’t skimp on the presentation. For $5 more, you get an all-you-can-eat sushi dinner as well as soup, salad and a selection of appetizers. They might not have unlimited sake, but they do offer BYOB with a very reasonable $3 cork fee.




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