App Spotlight: Introducing Hooch, a New Way to Bar Hop in NYC

App Spotlight: Introducing Hooch, a New Way to Bar Hop in NYC

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Hooch Drinking App Review

Hooch is a drink app that targets some of the finest bars in the city and offers members one free drink per day. The bar list is constantly growing, and includes staples like Sons of Essex and Pergola, rooftop venues like Hotel Chantelle and the Monarch, and large bar rooms such as Atwood and Late Late.

So wait, are they giving away free drinks? Not quite. Members pay $9.99/month. However, when we were doing our research we noticed most of the featured venues charge more than $10 a cocktail. The app is essentially paying for itself after using it just once a month. That said, keep reading to snag a code to try Hooch for free for one month.

Intuitive Layout is Easy to Use

We spent a few nights using the beta version of the app and we feel the layout is both simple and effective for finding and ordering drinks. The first thing you see when you open up the app is a map of your current location along with nearby featured bars.

Once you select your venue a list of drinks are displayed in front of you along with their ingredients. Simply click “Select Drink” and shortly after you’ll be able to pick up your drink from the bar.

Useful for Bar Discovery

Hooch isn’t just about free drinks. The intuitive map feature makes it an ideal tool for breaking out of your normal routine and trying new bars close by. Additionally, each venue is accompanied with images to help you get a feel of the seating, lighting, and drink selection before you make the trip over.

Free to Try

Hooch Drinking App Billing

We know it can be tough to pull the trigger on any membership, whether is be that new gym with four saunas and a pool, or a Summer ZipCar membership.

Instead of paying upfront you can try Hooch for $1 for one month using the promo code: “buzztonight”. Just type it in when activating your account. If you choose to keep using Hooch, you’ll be charged $10/month which as we mentioned before, is typically less than a single cocktail. In any case, it’s a win. Download Hooch from the App Store or Download from the Android library.





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