Nightlife & Drinking Apps You Should Consider Downloading In 2017

Nightlife & Drinking Apps You Should Consider Downloading In 2017

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If you’re like me then you have not one… but many friends trying to come up with the “next best phone application” and it usually involves a slight tweak to current nightlife, dating or travel apps. Unfortunately, even with so many ideas floating around there are only a few applications that have perfected this category.

The good news

The app world is rapidly growing and thanks to a system of reviews we’ll only see phone apps get better over time. In the meantime, there are a handful of phone applications that have done a great job making bars / nightlife more entertaining, fun and enjoyable.

The following nightlife apps are recommended to help make the best out of your night out:

1. Drinking
2. Socializing
3. Dating & Groups
4. Directions & Reviews
5. Getting In


1. Hooch


What: free drink per day
Available: iOS & Android
Cost: $9.99/mo
Hooch is one of the fastest growing drinking apps right now—and for good reason. This highly ranked NYC tech startup has expanded fast, from offering its free drink service in NYC to adding multiple cities across the world. You heard it right, free drinks. For $9.99/month you get one free cocktail per day at any of their participating bars. With over 500+ bars participating (and counting) it’s pretty easy to take advantage of. Sign up with promo code “buzztonight” for your first month discount at $1.

2. Untappd

Untappd Drinking App
What: drink tracking app
Available: iOS & Android
Cost: free
“Drink Socially” is their slogan and their app gives you the tools to do just that. Untappd’s main feature is its beer and drink catalog that allows you to keep track of drinks you’ve tried and gives you scores for entertaining your drinking habits. See drinking updates from your friends and connect easily with your social circle through Facebook, Twitter or email. This app is very flexible and allows you to browser bar listings, events and friends drinking near you.


3. Swarm

Swarm for Drinking and Socializing
What: check-in, socialize
Available: iOS & Android
Cost: free
Swarm is the ultimate check-in application which adds a new dynamic to going out anywhere. Created by FourSquare you’ll find all the same restaurants and bars with reviews and recommendations pulled in as you check-in. If a friend is nearby it’ll notify you through push notification so you can like or comment on their activity – or join them if they’re up for it. The biggest advantage to this check-in app is its large user base that allows you to connect with many of your friends right away.

4. Facebook Events

Facebook Events Nightlife
What: Social events, connections
Available: iOS & Android
Cost: free
Yep, it’s on the list – and for good reason. Facebook Events might be the most used events platform out there aside from ticket merchants. It has you, your friends, artist profiles, your likes, everything – and it uses all of this info to help coordinate your nightlife activities. If you haven’t used Fb Events then we’d suggest giving it a try – odds are if you’re on Facebook your friends already have something planned with an invite sent out. If not, it’s extremely easy to get something going – invite 1,000 friends and expect a turnout of 200 is common rule of thumb.

Dating & Groups

5. Tinder Social

Tinder Dating App Nightlife
What: Group dating / friend finding
Available: iOS & Android
Cost: free or subscription
Tinder. The commonly called “DTF dating app” is actually an extremely useful app when it comes to going out. Thanks to their groups feature you and your closest friends can meet up with a crew rolling in the same numbers. You could be looking for a few friends, or something more but as long as you’re all on the same page then it makes nightly planning a lot easier. For those unfamiliar – if members of both groups swipe right “say yes” then a group chat is formed and you can see if it’s worthwhile to meet up. Simple.


6. Cheers

Cheers drinking app
What: Drinks with new friends
Available: iOS & Android coming soon
Cost: free
Cheers mate(s). Ever think “I want an app that lets my friends and I meet new friends and also gives us each a free drink”? We haven’t either, but only because it sounds too damn good to be true. Cheers is very simple and very effective. Get your friends together in a group then check out people in your social circles doing the same thing. Combine forces, make a reservation and get a free drink on arrival. The catch? As of right now the free drinks feature is only available in Boston but anyone can use the apps core feature to find friends.


Directions & Reviews

7. Google Maps

Google Maps for Nightlife
What: Getting around
Available: iOS & Android
Cost: free
Google Maps – the default map application for most people due to its accuracy, review capabilities, embed features and just about everything you can think of. This is a must-have for anyone looking to get around and not just because of its precise directions. Google Maps has an under-used feature called “Your Places” that allows you to create custom maps. Have a bar crawl route you enjoy going down? Create a map and share with your friends.


8. Yelp

Yelp Nightlife App
What: Reviews & suggestions
Available: iOS & Android
Cost: free
Yelp gets a lot of flak. Their review system has been heavily scrutinized and while it might not be perfect for businesses it does very well at serving its purpose for users. Due to the volume of reviews in larger cities it can be trusted as a source to filter through the good and the bad – international might be a little different. It continues to add business specifications to help users find out if a bar or restaurant provides something of interest which is why it makes the list as a nightlife app worth downloading in 2017.


Getting In

9. NightOwl

NightOwl Nightlife App
What: Bar finding
Available: iOS
Cost: free
NightOwl is a bar, club & lounge finder with expansive browsing capabilities. This app has grown and adjusted over time to help multiple types of people find bars and restaurants based on their mood and preferences. Similar to UrbanDaddy but with better app reviews, you’ll find NightOwl functions well with tremendous support from users. Self claimed as “ever-growing” we’ll be watching closely to see how this app updates in 2017.


10. Tablelist

Tablelist Nightlife App
What: Private table booking
Available: iOS & Android
Cost: $49/mo – booking fees apply
Private tables and party booking made easy. Tablelist runs the show when it comes to booking tables & parties at your favorite club. Currently situated in 10 major U.S cities, Tablelist allows users to explore various parties, clubs and events going on in their selected city then book a table with just a click. The standard Platinum membership grants you access to skip lines, better drink specials and table prices.




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